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What is Dust Collection?

Cleaning the air
Industrial air filtration, air pollution control, or dust collection is the process of removing excess particles (dust) from the air and workspace of manufacturing industries. Air filtration systems work using an industrial vacuum system. Dust can be as small is 1/70th of a human hair, or one micron, which translates to 1/1,000,000th of a meter.

Why the fuss?

Regulation Compliance
Dust Collection satisfies laws and regulations concerning dust. Heavy fines have been imposed on companies for not meeting NFPA, EPA, and OSHA standards. Dust Collection by Brattons, Inc. will provide a system that meets regulations and protects your company from all the issues caused by dust.
The lives and health of our employees should be the forefront of our concerns. Dust is inhalable and can be toxic. Studies have shown negative health effects, a variety of illnesses, and even cancer can be caused by breathing in excess particles during work shifts. Dust Collection eliminates toxic dust particles that are being inhaled daily by those who keep our industries running. A healthier work environment promotes workers morale, less sick days, and a lower job turnover rate.
Dust creates a fire hazard and explosion risk that has seriously injured and killed hundreds of people. In addition, countless factories and wildlife have been destroyed from dust fires and dust explosions. Because dust is explosive and flammable, a proper sized dust collection system is necessary to reduce the risk of explosion by eliminating excess, explosive particles in the air. A dust collection system can be equipped with explosion gates, back draft dampers, and spark detectors to prevent any explosion before it gets inside the factory.
In addition to saving you money in employees sick days, health care, and fines; proper dust collection will save you time and money with housekeeping and machine life. Dust causes major housekeeping issues for all industries. Housekeeping regulations are harsh in the manufacturing sector, especially in food processing. Dust settles on rafters and in hard to reach places making housekeeping even more difficult. Dust also settles onto machinery creating a "grinding effect" when the machine is in use and over time will reduce the life of the machine, costing you more money. Remember, not all dust is visible with the human eye, so just because something looks clean does not mean it is. A well-designed dust collection system gets rid of dust, making cleaning and sanitation shifts easier and more effective.


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