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Industrial Dust Collection by Bratton's Dust Collection by Bratton's, Inc. specializes in air pollution control, one of the many names for industrial air filtration.

Industrial air filtration is the process by which excess particles (dust) are removed from the air and workspace of manufacturing industries. Air filtration systems work by an industrial vacuum system.

Dust can be as small as 1/70th of a human hair, or one micron, which translates to 1/1,000,000th of a meter. This creates a hazard for employees and the environment. Another hazard caused by dust is fire. Almost every type of dust is combustible, which can lead to explosions and even death. Air pollution control or Industrial filtration systems meet the standards set by NFPA, the EPA, and OSHA when the proper equipment is put into place. DC by Bratton's specializes in the design and installation of air filtration systems across the United States. Common industries Dust Collection by Bratton's, Inc. Service: Poultry, Wood, Food Processing, Welding Applications, Rubber, Oil Mist, Chemical, Fumes.

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